The History of Beggar’s Banquet Restaurant and Saloon

Beggar’s Banquet restaurant and saloon opened its doors in 1973 with the idealistic goal of being an inclusive, not an exclusive restaurant. We serve great food and fine wine in a casual atmosphere. We use the freshest ingredients, and the menu is always a blend of the traditional and the avant garde. With soups, salads, sandwiches and a wide array of entrees we aim to provide something for everyone. The New York Times once wrote of Beggar’s: “… a restaurant that, with a straight face, calls itself ‘an authentic East Lansing restaurant”.

As the years have gone by, that ‘straight face’ has become a knowing smile. Whether it is your first time here, or you are a regular “beggular,” we want you to feel welcome. We thank everyone who has joined us for food and drink over the years, and we hope that the original concept has held true for you.

” Gimme eat”

Beggar’s Banquet